Joy in a Box is a new subscription gift company that offers anyone who is into healthy living and growing your own food an affordable, easy fun way to get started. I am Jenny Stork, a 42 year old mother of three who has 20 years of marketing, sales and commercial experience. Born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and now living in the UK, I am a keen gardener and enjoy doing this with my children who love growing their own food too.

The business idea came about when I tried to find an affordable monthly gift for my partner that he could look forward to every month, something between a full scale present on one end and a greeting card on the other and affordable enough so I would hardly notice it going out of my bank account each month. All I could find was socks (boring!) or gift-subscriptions that were just too expensive to buy on a monthly basis.

So I decided to create my own product instead?

Joyinabox is in its early days of preparing to launch our first product I anticipate this to be in the Summer of this year. Wish me lots of luck!

I have set up a Facebook page so I can take my customers on my journey and so they are involved right from the start and really buy into the whole concept. This is an approach I would also like to take with everyone involved

I have also registered on the South African Website and as you can see created a business web page, follow my journey and subscribe here, new articles and updates of my progress will be emailed to you.

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Introducing JoyinaBox – Our Story so far?

JoyinaBox provides a novel, thoughtfully prepared gift through the post every month that will contain seeds for the easiest to grow food, helpful grow guides that also have recipes and health information, useful products to help you succeed and there is always a surprise treat too. Its for growing your own in any space – kitchen windowsill, balcony or garden.

The ideal choice is a monthly postal subscription which gives all year round support for growing various vegetables and herbs – you can also buy a quarterly (seasonal) subscription or a one off gift for friends/family for birthdays, Christmas, Fathers/Mothers Day, Thank You Present etc.

The gift box will be the right size to fit through the letter box so not worrying about being around for delivery and in a few weeks you will be eating your own home grown veggies.

green beans Green Beans

red chillies Red Chillies

Peas Peas

Tomatoes Tomatoes


It’s the little things in life that bring us most joy

What do you get?

Something to look forward to a feeling of excitement and joy as your regular gift box drops through your letter box every month.

Great Products carefully selected seeds, seed labels, and other useful goodies including a surprise treat for you.

Help and Support easy to follow food growing guide, health facts about your food and a recipe.

Easy convenient delivery a box that fits through your letter box so no signing for your delivery and no worry about being out when it arrives.

The right to say you have improved our world – we will be donating some of what you pay for your gift box to worthwhile projects to encourage growing your own in schools, homes for the elderly and communities


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Since we are only starting out it would be great to get your ideas on the idea, what should be in the gift boxes and any comments you have. Either email, message us from our Facebook page or leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully you will come on my journey as I build the business.


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