South African Website – Advertise Your Business, Event, Or Just Hi!

get your business onlineWelcome to the South Africa website. Are you from SA? Please join us and create a South Africa business page free, or support other South Africans all over the world. The South African website has been created for you to have a online presence, for your business. If your are living in South Africa, Australia, USA, UK, or anywhere else in the world and are a South African then you can create your own business page for your business and let the world know about your business.

Why Should I Create a Page?

As you know if you are in business the more places that you advertise the better. You have to get your business, brand, or product out there. The more places you advertise the more sales and business you will generate. When you advertise it can cost big bucks and this will effect your profits. The idea behind the South African website is that we get as many South Africans to join as possible, that’s also your job, get your SA friends and relatives to join and become members and they in-turn get there friends to join. When they are looking for a business they will first do a search on the SA website and support their fellow South Africans. Your South African business page that you create about your business is free, all you have to do is click all the social buttons at least once a month to boost your page and get you that much needed extra business. I will optimize your business page for free.

How Will People and Visitors Find My South Africa Business Page?

When other members from South Africa do a search using the search bar they will be able to find your business as the software that I have designed to run this site will do all the work automatically. When you register you will become a member. Members do not have to make a guest post, they can remain members and support other members that have business pages. If you register to make a guest post about your business then you will need to go into your dashboard and click on posts and create a post. Once you have added the content you have to select a category from the country your business is in, submit the post for approval if all is good I will approve your post and your South African business page will be live for the world to see.
So how will people find your page? First of all if you want your page to be found on Google then you will need to have a word count of at least 800 words, the more the better. Keep to the topic, mention South Africa, where your business is, the country and town, and what your business is about. Select the right business category. Do not copy from your own website or other websites, Google already has those sites indexed and will know if its copied and not rank your page, I also have software called copy scape, which tells me that you have copied it from one website or from 10 different websites. Content that has been copied is a big no and will not be published.
Once you have submitted your post for review, you agree that the content will belong to the South African website, and also agree that I can change the content for SEO purposes. I will then use SEO software to analyze your page and edit the page so that its optimized for your specific target on Goggle and other search engines. In about 2 to 4 weeks your S.A. business page will start to rank and people that search Google, Yahoo and Bing will find your page.
Members and visitors will find your business by doing a search in the search box. If you are a member and looking to support a fellow South African the type in your search query at the top in the search bar. Remember to also type in the country then the search query, this will bring search results with posts from that country.
Members or visitors can also use the menu at the top. Look for (South African’s With Business’s in) then click the country. And you will find South Africans that have a business in that country.

I Have My Own Site So I Don’t Need To Waste My Time With This

This is not a waste of time if you have your own business website. In fact this will help your websites SEO. If you have someone that does your SEO email them and ask them. If you know anything about SEO one important factor is to get links from other quality websites with the same topic as your website. So you create your South African business page and briefly mention a little about where you are staying in South Africa or where you stayed in South Africa then continue with your content about your business. Now somewhere in the content about your business you place your website link. Google will then follow this link on your page giving your business website a boost, as the article is good, and the topic is the same as your business. Visitors that are supporting the South African website and read your article can then also get to your website from the link helping your site get more visitors and possibly more sales.

I Do Not Have A Website. But Would Like To Have A Online Presence

Great! Then start here! This South African site is made using WordPress and by creating your own South African business page you will see how easy WordPress is to use, and can create your own WordPress site at a later date. If you need help to create your own site or blog please contact me. When you register you will be able to sign into your own dashboard and create a page about your business. I can even place PayPal buttons and images for visitors to purchase products of your page if you give me the PayPal button codes and images, this will be like having your own website and getting your business online. Need a contact form on the bottom of your page? No problem, this can also be done. If you would like more information please contact me.
To take advantage and post on the South Africa website you must be a South African you can be living anywhere we will optimize your page so it ranks in South Africa, United States, United Kingdom or what ever country you live in, and for the keywords of your page. This means that if someone does a search on Goggle in South Africa, or the country we have optimized your South Africa business page for using your keywords your South Africa page could be at the top of those results. Remember for this to work you need good quality unique content, not copied and at lease 800 words, do not waste my time and try submit articles that have less words. It will be deleted. You and I want this to work give me something to work with, I have the know how and SEO Tools for it to work! The more content the better chance it has to rank on the first page. If you want your post on the South African website to work then don’t go for 800 words go for 1200 to 2000 words, this will work better. You do not have to count each word, there is a word counter on the bottom of the editor, so don’t panic.
Do you make jewellery? Does hubby make great biltong? These are the type of products that you can use the South Africa business page for. Test the market so to speak, turn your hobby into a business, make some extra cash doing what you love to do. Create your SA business page and sell jewellery, biltong or what ever else you want to sell online from your page. I will even put the PayPal buttons on your page, all you need is a PayPal, and PayPal is free. Visitors can purchase directly from your page. I will submit your page to all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and optimize it. Promote your page on Facebook for friends to see and start earning that much need extra income. Your South Africa business page will be like a third person bringing a salary home. Who knows, when it works you might then decide to build your own website, and we can help with this as well.
Sell, Promote, Get a online presence, if you are from South Africa then create your South African business page today

Create An Event And Meet Other People That Lived In S.A.

We all love to meet and get in touch with other people that lived in S.A. so if you are no longer living in South Africa and want to create a event in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or any other country in the world and have a get together you can. Once you have registered you will find events in your dashboard, click on it and create a event. This will put a link on the right side of the South Africa website in upcoming events on every page for all visitors to see. When they click on the link a new page will open with a calendar, the event will be on the calendar for the date. Visitors that click the date will be able to see all the event details that you have put on, even a Google map if you have added it. This is a great way of making visitors aware of events you or your Facebook group are having. Remember you can help our website grow by sharing the home page on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, Click the share buttons when ever you visit, and spread the word.
Let other visitors know when you having a reunion, place the date time and address on our calendar and lets all get together. No matter what country you are in South Africans love to party.

How Do I Make A Guest Post

First you have to register, your password will be sent to by email. When you sign in look on the right side for your profile, click on it and add your name and photo then save. Next click on dashboard on the left you will see post, click on it and you will be able to edit your page, you can save your work by clicking the save draft. Once you have finished your South Africa business page click the submit for review. This will send me a email that I have a post to review. Easy as that, if you can write a message or comment on Facebook you can make a South Africa business page.
We make it easy to create a free South African business page. If you want to get a online presence then register, easy as that.

Posting Rules

Please we do not want any political views expressed on this site about South Africa any one that joins and try’s to posts a page that has politics on it will be deleted and the post trashed. The website is not about South Africa its to help promote South Africans and the things they are doing. You can create a post about SA in the SA Articles category as long as it has no politics.